Beech House

Veterinary Centre

Sean Cleary: MRCVS BVetMed – Veterinary Surgeon

Sean hails from New Zealand and qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon from Massey University in New Zealand in 1998. He is a partner in the Willows Veterinary Group. Sean has particular interests in orthopaedics, reproduction and the Shar Pei breed.

Phillipa Bradley: BVetMed MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

Philippa qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2008 and is currently studying towards her Soft Tissue Surgery Certificate. She previously worked at a mixed practice in Shropshire before joining Beech House in 2011. Philippa has a labradoodle called Ollie whom she enjoys doing agility with and a black and white cat called Noodle.

Michelle Coward: BVSC MRCVS -Veterinary Surgeon

Michelle qualified from Liverpool University in 2011 and joined the team at Beech House in 2012 and has a keen interest in both medical and surgical cases. Michelle owns a greyhound cross labrador called Maine, whom she adopted from an animal shelter whilst doing a work placement during her veterinary studies.

Liz Osborne: Veterinary Surgeon

Liz qualified in London in 1999. In addition to working at Beech House she also works out our other group surgeries in Kelsall and Wilmslow. She has a 13 year old cat called Jess and a rescue dog called Chloe.

Sarah Cunningham: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Sarah gained her veterinary nurse qualification in 1999. She is one of Beech House’s two head nurses and is a clinical coach. She has worked for the Willows Veterinary Group for over 20 years. She has a sprocker called Marvin whom she hand reared from birth.

Claire Hayes: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Claire gained her nursing qualification in 1999 and shares the Head Nurse role with Sarah. Claire is also a clinical coach to the student nurses. She joined the Beech House team in 2003. Claire has a keen interest in Canine Reproduction and working dog breeds. She has a springer spaniel called Tally.

Nikki Butterworth: Student Veterinary Nurse

Nikki joined us in 2009. She has a keen interest in Guinea Pigs and along with Faye writes bi-monthly articles for Guinea Pig Magazine. Nikki owns two horses called Jasmine and Rhianne, a miniature schnauzer called Milo and 2 guinea pigs called Derek and Luigi.

Faye Jones: Student Veterinary Nurse

Faye started at Beech House in 2010. She has a keen interest in Guinea Pigs and along with Nikki writes for Guinea Pig Magazine. She owns two Guinea Pigs called Edward and Duncan, a yorkie called Harry, a hand reared cat called Pinky, a tortoise called Hubert Cumberdale and a giant house rabbit called Johnathon.

Pippa Hartley: Student Veterinary Nurse

Pippa joined the team in 2010 and is waiting for her perfect rescue dog to come and adopt her.

Emily Crosbie: Student Veterinary Nurse

Emily owns a border collie called Findley whom she enjoys teaching tricks and doing agility. She also has a horse called Denzil whom she has owned for 10 years.

Amy Hindle: Student Veterinary Nurse.

Amy spent 3 years doing weekend reception work at Beech House before starting her Veterinary Nurse training. She owns a springer called Henry, a lhasa apso called Ollie and a cat called Simba who originally came into Beech House as an injured stray.

Gina Egerton: Student Veterinary Nurse.

Gina owns 2 dogs – a cocker spaniel called Tinker and a black labrador called Nessie. She also owns a cat called Arthur.

Pauline Clarke: Office Manager

For the last 7 years Pauline has ensured that things at Beech House run smoothly and kept us all in line – which is no mean feet considering how busy we are. She also deals with all the administration for our nurse training programme.

Kathryn Yarwood: Head Receptionist

Kathryn started at Beech House in 2008. She has 2 cats called Smudge and Gizmo.

Mo Percival: Receptionist

Mo started with us in 2011 and has a jack russell terrier called Ronnie



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