Vet Charity Challenge

Vet Charity Challenge 2013

This year, a team of vets and nurses from Beech House in Warrington are entering the Vet Charity Challenge where they will be competing against 55 other teams

The gruelling challenge involves three key disciplines trail running, mountain biking and kayaking and will take approximately 6 hours to complete. Rather than following a set route each team must visit as many checkpoints as possible along the course. Only the strongest teams will cover all the checkpoints in any stage and in so doing cover distances of about 10-20 km trail running, 20-30 km mountain biking and 4-7 km of kayaking.

The challenge isn’t simply a physical challenge it also requires teams to use their brains. The challenge has a strategic theme and involves cerebral puzzles as well as physical challenges.

In addition to the checkpoints, there will be activity / bonus points available only at certain times during the day so teams will be required to have a clear and well planned strategy if they want to be in with a chance of winning the challenge.
The team comprises Sean, Michelle, Joy and Sarah and we have called ourselves the Willows Beeched Whales – very fitting !!!
We would dearly like you to sponsor them for their efforts and help to raise money for this year’s charities: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, SPANA and Animals Asia.
You can make a secure on-line donation by clicking here
Last year we entered teams from our equine hospital and farm department – and they finished 2nd and 3rd !!!