What if the worst should happen and your pet gets unexpectedly ill or injured? At the Willows Vet Group, we believe it is extremely important to offer our own out of hours emergency care where possible. This is why in the majority of our practices, if you need us in an emergency you will be seen in one of our own veterinary centres, with dedicated round the clock clinical teams.

Our two emergency centres are based at Beech House in Warrington and at our flagship hospital in Hartford.

If you need us when we are shut just ring 01925 445500 and your call will be answered by one of our night telephonists who will connect you with one of our vets.

One number: any time, any day.

The emergency out-of-hours service provided by Willows Veterinary Hospital is, due to capacity, currently reserved for existing clients of the Willows Veterinary Group Branches (click here for details of branches included). We are not able to provide routine out of hours care for pets that are not clients of ours and you should contact your own vet for details of their out-of-hours provider.

Our team will not refuse to see an emergency if you find accessing your own vet’s provider impossible, however if your pet is not a client at any of the Willows Vet Group practices, we reserve the right to apply a non-client supplement o any out-of-hours treatment they receive.