Meet our Team

  • Amy Sutton

    Dr Amy Sutton

    Clinical Director/Veterinary Surgeon

  • Chris Jones

    Dr Chris Jones

    Veterinary Surgeon


    Chris qualified from Bristol University in 2016 but, coming from a family of vets, has spent a lot of time gaining experience with the Willows Veterinary Group. Chris has also spent time volunteering on a game reserve in South Africa.

  • Dr Debbie Jones

    Dr Debbie Jones

    Veterinary Surgeon

  • Dr Hannah Bills-Brown

    Dr Hannah Bills-Brown

    Veterinary Surgeon

  • Dr Daylene Ananthan

    Dr Daylene Ananthan

    Veterinary Surgeon

  • Jack Oldham

    Dr Jack Oldham

    Veterinary Surgeon


    Jack qualified from the University of Nottingham in 2021. After completing the Willows Vet Group new graduate scheme, he joined Lymm in June 2022. Jack enjoys all aspects of first opinion practice especially ultrasound and X-ray techniques.

    Away from work, Jack enjoys playing rugby, photography and exploring the countryside with is Labrador puppy Ivy.

  • Dr Georgie Roberts

    Dr Georgie Roberts

    Veterinary Surgeon

  • Morgan O’Mahony

    Morgan O’Mahony

    Veterinary Surgeon

  • Dr Bill Tute

    Dr Bill Tute

    OOH Veterinary Surgeon

  • Laura Potts

    Laura Potts

    OOH Veterinary Surgeon

  • Claire Hayes

    Claire Hayes

    Practice Manager

    Claire gained her nursing qualification in 1999 and joined the team at Beech House in 2003. Claire shares the Practice Manager role with Sarah Cunningham and is also a clinical coach to the student nurses. Claire has a keen interest in Canine Reproduction and working dog breeds.

  • Sarah Cunningham

    Sarah Cunningham

    Practice Manager

    Sarah gained her nursing qualification in 1999 and currently shares the Practice Manager role with Claire Hayes. Sarah has worked for the Willows Vet Group for over 25 years and has a keen interest in reproduction and radiography. Sarah also acts as one of the clinical coaches at Beech House Vets for the many student nurses and looks after everything to do with health and safety. At home, Sarah has a beautiful Sprocker called Marvin.

  • Amy Hindle

    Amy Hindle

    Head Nurse

    Amy spent 3 years doing weekend reception work at Beech House before starting her Veterinary Nurse training. Amy loves all aspects of her job, but especially enjoys working on call, in-patient care and chemotherapy. At home, Amy owns a pug with attitude called Frank and a springer called Henry.

  • Michaela Waddilove

    Michaela Woddilove

    OOH Registered Veterinary Nurse

    Michaela is part of the nursing team at Beech House Veterinary Centre and is currently studying to become a qualified nurse. Michaela really enjoys how two days are never the same at Beech House, meaning there is always something new to learn. At home, Michaela has two cats called Jasper and Alfie.

  • Kate Thorbinson

    Kate Thorbinson

    Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Jess Lawson

    Jess Lawson

    Registered Veterinary Nurse

    Jess holds a level 3 diploma in animal management and is now studying at Harper Adams University towards her veterinary nursing qualification.

    Jess has 2 dogs, an alsation/ labrador cross called Murphy and a rescue dog called Minnie.

    Jess has previously undertaken Dolphin conservation in Athens

  • Leah Kershaw

    Leah Kershaw

    OOH Registered Veterinary Nurse

    Leah has always wanted to work with animals and has two very affectionate and crazy cats called Toby and Pippa who she adores.

    Out of work, Leah loves walking in Wales

  • Abbigayle Birkett

    Abbigayle Birkett

    Registered Veterinary Nurse

    Abbigayle attained her Veterinary Care Assistant qualification in 2013 and became a fully qualified veterinary nurse in 2017. Abbigayle has previously worked at our practices in Warrington and is a great addition to the team at Beech House.

    At home, Abbigayle has a beautiful young working Cocker Spaniel called Hardy and a rescue cat called Admiral Nelson.

  • Lesley Seddon

    Lesley Seddon

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Alex Higginbothom

    Alex Higginbothom

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Evelyne Duncan

    Evelyne Duncan

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Lois Holden

    Lois Holden

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Lauren Edwards

    Lauren Edwards

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Eloise Worsley

    Eloise Worsley

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Charlie Mallinson

    Charlie Mallinson

    Student Veterinary Nurse

  • Ellie McGann

    Ellie McGann


  • Reba Russell

    Reba Russell

    Veterinary Care Assistant

  • Chloe Roberts Corbett

    Chloe Roberts Corbett

    student veterinary nurse

  • Jo Law-Kalavsky

    Jo Law-Kalavsky

    Stock Controller

    Competent Vet Dispenser and Bronze BVRA Customer Service Award

    Jo is part of the administration team at Beech House Veterinary Centre and is our in-house credit controller. Jo loves that every day is different and the team ethos. At home, Jo owns a Husky called Laika and two rescue cats called Cleo and Wilhelmina. In her spare time, Jo loves to go skiing and always tries to take Laika to the snow in the Alps.

  • Emma Caswell

    Emma Caswell

    Office Administrator

    Emma joined the Willows Vet Group in 2007 and really enjoys interaction with customers in addition to their pets and runs a number of nurse clinics from the practice. At home Emma owns a Domestic Short Hair Cat called Guinness, who she hand reared from 2 days old when he was brought into the surgery. We think Guinness must be extremely grateful for Emma’s dedication, although Emma tells us he can be very cheeky and unique!

  • Kate Willett

    Kate Willett

    Head Receptionist

    Competent Vet Dispenser, Bronze BVRA Customer Service Award and CVD and Bronze award
  • Olivia Atlas

    Olivia Atlas

    OOH Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Megan Evans

    Megan Evans


  • Faye Millington

    Faye Millington


    Competent Vet Dispenser, Bronze BVRA Customer Service Award and CVD and Bronze
  • Jackie Wiseman

    Jackie Wiseman


    BVRA Silver & Gold Award
  • Kathryn Yarwood

    Kathryn Yarwood


    Bronze BVRA Customer Service Award

    Kathryn started at Beech House in 2008, and has been an integral part of the reception team ever since. Kathryn loves the variety and dealing with different people and their pets. At home, Kathryn has a cat called Smudge who mostly likes to sleep all day and cause havoc at night.

  • Linda Winstanley

    Linda Winstanley


    Linda is part of the reception team at Beech House Veterinary Centre and is extremely passionate about animals.

  • Trinity Charnock

    Trinity Charnock


  • Catherine Coulston

    Catherine Coulston


  • Sarah Lodge

    Sarah Lodge


  • Alison Dennan

    Alison Dennan

    OOH Vet

  • Clara Parr

    Clara Parr