What We Offer

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We offer vaccinations to the pets of Cheshire to protect them from a range of preventable but potentially serious illnesses.

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Microchipping is a legal requirement for all dogs over the age of eight weeks and from 10th June 2024 it will also be a legal requirement in cats.

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Flea, tick and worm treatments

We can advise on the best products and routines to keep your pet healthy, happy and free from pests.

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Castration and spaying for your pet, as well as advice on when and why to perform them.

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Pet travel

Travel advice, documentation and preparation to help you and your pet to travel safely and without difficulty.

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Dental care

We can offer advice on optimal dental hygiene, as well as procedures from scale and polishes to extractions and more.

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Digital x-ray

The digital x-ray facilities at our branches provide safe, quick and high quality images that can be easily accessed or passed on for referrals if needed.

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Surgery suites

Our dedicated surgical suites are designed with great care in mind, and hold advanced anaesthetic systems, pulse oxometers, blood pressure monitors and ECG.

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We use ultrasound to examine soft tissues, diagnose pregnancy and detect diseases, infections and cancers, allowing us to start suitable treatment quickly.

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Our referral service Oakwood Veterinary Referrals offer orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries, internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology and more.

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Hip and elbow scoring

Our hip and elbow scoring services are designed to check whether parents may have a joint disease, and help prevent affected pets from breeding.

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Nurse clinics

Find out how you can get nurse checks for your pets, covering a range of important pet health topics.

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Senior cat health checks

Our health checks aim to identify senior health problems early and start treatment promptly, through consultations, blood and urine tests and blood pressure checks.

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End of life

The Beech House Vets team works with our patients and clients to support them at this difficult time.